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Unique to the health insurance industry, CTI’s technological edge and key differentiator to auditing applies the principles of statistical process control to improve and sustain claim administration quality.  With an effective combination of 100% electronic screening, targeted and random sampling, data analytics and easy-to-understand management tools and information, our audits improve performance for you and your administrator. Our proprietary software ensures we uniformly examine each claim the same way — every time — with absolutely no shortcuts.


Our collaborative approach enables you to uncover the most significant leaks and recovery opportunities. We pinpoint the causes of costly waste, focus your administrator’s attention on the actions needed to correct the waste, and measure the ongoing results of any actions taken.

Proven in practice for more than 25 years, and reflected in all of our audit services, this key differentiation will provide you the tools and information you need to ensure your health plan claims are being paid correctly. It will enable both you and your administrator to reduce claim expenses and improve service to your plan participants and their families.

We offer excellent savings opportunities, service improvements, and return-on-audit investments.

After all, by enhancing your policies and procedures you strengthen your administrator relationship.

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CTI was started in 1990 by CEO Donald Brandt after founding and managing a large Third Party Administration (TPA) company in the mid­western United States. The experience of running the large TPA provided invaluable insight into the TPA industry which helped to shape CTI and our initial audit products. Our audit philosophy and proprietary audit systems helped to pioneer the self-funded claim audits you see being offered by many of our competitors today. CTI audit systems have continuously been enhanced to support our expert staff and provide state-­of­-the­-art audit and compliance recommendations for our clients.

By combining our unparalleled experience, proprietary systems, time-­tested methodologies, and continuous quality improvement philosophy, we are proud to consider ourselves the nation’s leader in auditing self­-funded benefit plans.

The proof? Let us give you a proposal and you can check the references of satisfied clients that have renewed our services year after year.


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