Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Audits

A recent poll showed that 42% of adult American smartphone users own an iPhone. That’s a staggering amount when you think of all of the mobile phone users out there. When the polled respondents were asked why the iPhone was their choice, a common answer prevailed. It can be summed up by one user’s comment, “You can count on iPhones to keep on improving. Every time a new model is made available, the experience just gets better.”

It would be extremely safe to say that iPhones wouldn’t be so popular if the devices had just stayed the same.  But they have evolved incredibly year after year. Each new model addresses the weaknesses and ‘bugs’ of the previous model. They just keep improving.

CTI is rooted firmly in the same practice. Not only do we uncover costly mistakes in the way your self-funded health care plan is administered, but we also provide expert fact-based solutions to help administrator’s fix the issues we uncover so they can monitor them going forward. This ensures that the administration of your plan, just like the iPhone, will keep on getting better. It’s why we’re proud to offer continuous quality improvement with every comprehensive audit.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous quality improvement enables audit clients to see big savings. Say your audit identified a problem that may only be a tenth of a percentage in overall spending. Continuous monitoring and improvement will realize the savings, not just in the audit year, but every year moving forward. This small percentage added up over several years can motivate anyone, no matter the size of your organization. This, of course, is if the administrator is able to take the action to fix the problem. If the administrator is unable to stop the leak, you will then have incredibly valuable information to take into consideration when it comes time to renew your administrator contract.

When you sign up to undergo sequential year-over-year audits you can continue to monitor your administrator. This ensures old issues are not resurfacing, and that new issues are not being created. Just because your administrator produced excellent performance in the past, is no guarantee of future excellence. Circumstances always change and so can the quality and performance of your plan’s administrator.

If you’re interested in learning more about our continuous quality improvement, pick up that iPhone (or device of your choosing) and contact us now. We’d love to talk. For a further look at CTI’s comprehensive medical claim audits with continuous quality, please click the graphic below.


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